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i only drank 2 beers all weekend *round of applause* i worked on saturday and went to the jube briefly to see some bands but decided to go up the coast instead since my parents were away and had the beach house to myself so i spent the best part of the weekend, sleeping and sitting in the spa and reading trashy tabloid magazines. it was too rainy to go to the beach but apart from that it was well relaxing.

today was alright i went to the city for awhile and walked around. i got this watermelon crush from one of those fancy juice bars that are popping up everywhere. it's the tastiest drink ever. after i went to the piercing shop to get my conch checked out and to check out the guy who works there who big pink has a hard on for.

they took out my piercing and said to leave it out for a week and they would re-pierce it for me next week once it had healed and took my bar. idiots, piercing through scar tissue is just going to make it worse so i left and i didn't see the guy big pink was going on about either. so i went to basement piercing where the guy fitted the right jewellery and told me about this special cream you can get from doctors to help cartlidge piercings heal.

then i had a lamb and beef kebab and bought an electric blue shiny top which makes me feel like dancing and barely covers my tits. but it was only $10. i updated the ladyfest message board and now i must study.

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