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learning from mistakes - 2005-06-09
pole lotta love - 2004-09-16
count on this - 2004-09-12
rude girl xscrhcx - 2004-09-11
going out drinking beer - 2004-09-10

if you want to know you'll have to ask

nothing new to tell and nothing else to say

the end

things that suck about falling in love:

you become comfortable and complacent, compliant, unavailable and therefore boring..... because you're comfortable with something you become complacent about it and envitably it falls apart then because you've made yourself unavailable and boring... they go hand in hand like dancing and beer and sport and beer and sex and beer.....

the lumpy bit of the back of my ear has vanished overnight thanks to the miracle cream and that piercer so i think i'll get my next piercing there. yay. another yay 'cause tonight i'm going to fasta pasta. ohhh yeah..... and bunnings wearhouse [mmm... hardware and paint]. yay for that place too.

yay for sausage sizzles and not making sense and dr suess.

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