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ballerina's party on saturday night was pretty fun. i only had 2 drinks all night. woo hoo for me but i was still feeling pretty seedy... i made a skirt for the night. it was short and pink with white tulle around the bottom and an ok2cry patch on it [remind me to post you one boo]. anyway it's pretty damn cute. she also really liked the stockings and cabinet me and F1 gave her.

on sunday i slept until the late afternoon and did some internet shopping [guaranteed pick-me up] then went and watched some cricket and got some videos out. the most memorable of which was best in show. funny stuff. what a fucking crazy weekend *shakes head*. i think partially my hormones are contributing to my general moods since i stopped taking the pill but i'd been on it since i was 17. damn hormones.....

i've been so horny since i stopped taking it as well. somedays it's all i think about... it really comes in the way off getting anything done. also my credit card application got turned down which is fucking annoying but i probably couldn't afford to have one anyway...

but fuck the banks anyway... speaking of fucking...

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