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yesterday when i was in the city i saw this guy i used to know [if you used to read my old diary you may remember him as ratboy] anyway i was walking towards him and then suddenly i turned in the other direction so he wouldn't see me... not because we ever hooked up, we were only ever friends... but because he's a streetie now and was so grotty and was a shadow of his former self [damn drugs]. it was really depressing 'cause he was such a beautiful person. and while i'm ashamed at myself for turning away i don't think it's something i could deal with right now... fuck i just wish i had of said something...

everyone has been so great lately... there are no words for it. so bloody lucky. i went over to the love nest last night to make up some flyers for ladyfest and F1 cooked me tea and it was so damn tasty. it was grilled fish with dill and cheesy vegetable bake and seasoned chips. yummo... i forgot how much i miss actual reall food. since the gas got turned off in april i haven't eaten anything that can't be microwaved or cooked in a george forman grill[no joke]

i crave more baked goodness... which is proably good then that i'm going up the coast in a minute for my mum's birthday and she said she made me lasagne last night to take home with me. fuck yeah. home cooking rocks my socks.

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