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going out drinking beer - 2004-09-10

if you want to know you'll have to ask

nothing new to tell and nothing else to say

the end

msn coversation i was having with ballerina

ballerina says:

he said

ballerina says:

"who was the girl in the pink skirt"?

ballerina says:

and i said

ballerina says:

"that's pygmi, i know her form school, why?"

ballerina says:

and he was like "reow"

ballerina says:

and i was like "you dirty boy"

ballerina says:

and he was like "is she single"

ballerina says:

and i said "im working on it"

ballerina says:


i quit my job says:

hehehe indeed

funny 'cause i don't even remeber talking to the guy. yeah i knew sewing my own clothes would pay off.

names have been changed.

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