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hmmm... you know how i wasn't happy and i was sad... well i am slowly putting things into perspective... apart from quitting my shitty job [my last shift is tonight woo hoo] on saturday i am also looking for a new place to live with ballerina. i can't think of anything more exciting. yay i can't wait to move. speaking of ballerina she has an on-line journal now too [but it's a la-di-da livejournal hahaha] anyway you can check it out at bag of jes. i will add it to my links page when i'm not so lazy.

mum's birthday dinner was alright and everyone was well behaved, i met my sister's new boyfriend for the first time and he talked alot. dad hadn't met him either so it was great 'cause it took all the attention off me and i didn't have to answer awkward questions about my "future" and the like. the food at the restaraunt wasn't that great but it was so good to see my mum, she's so fantastic.

the downside of this was that i missed the first swing dancing class... but oh well... i read a book yesterday [an entire novel - 482 pages] it was alright, too intentionally funny to actually be funny... but not an entire waste. anyway i have uni work, followed by more uni work. fun fun fun.

i am 1 token short of a free pizza.

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