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ohhh... i've been working so hard to put things right. yesterday i made sb this potted plant with zebra print around it and a milkshaker filled with snakes and heartshaped candy and a mix cd with a cover i did in photoshop. and this massive apology letter. i know it's not nearly enough but it's a start. also i went to a seminar on depression today and i'm going to start conselling and stuff tomorrow. also the phone has been turned back on so things are looking better in most ways, i have aheap of uni work to do but that's alright...

in other news i know i love beer and drinking and drunkness but i thought that i will stop drinking for awhile [i probably should have done it a while ago] so we'll see how that goes... i learn't alot of interesting stuff at this seminar and then went for coffee with the guy who gave it and talked for ages and it was really helpful.

me and sb hooked up a year and a 1/2 ago today at the sports party when he was still known as fishboy. my how time flies.

*note to jod: the name of the miracle piercing cream is canacombe[not sure if that spelt correctly] and you can only get it from doctors with a perscription, it's a yellow ointment for ears/noses/cartlidge. sorry it took so long for me to put this up but i've been so scatty lately.

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