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i have to give a seminar tomorrow morning. i am so terribly bad at public speaking. i always speak way too fast and ummm alot. i always speak too quickly in general but it's worse when i'm nervous i stutter over my words. anyway i just started doing it.

big pink's here so we are going to go skateboarding when i finsh this and then we're off to swing dancing. also i'm making tofu burgers with hommus for tea. i make really good tofu burgers for the meat fiend that i am. the secret is to soak them in pigs blood... hahaha... no i'm joking they're marinating right now in some soy, lemon juice, garlic and chilli.

anway sb let me take him out for tea last night [we went to the tibetian kitchen in the valley... not very nice food] and he's still talking to me so i'm happy.

here's some words from big pink in the flesh: I spose you heard all about the young lass' antics on the weekend, anyway this means I'm a little scared of her now so I thought I'd praise her swing dancing abilities she has the best three step and rock kick combo I've ever seen and she looks nothing like a cabert act.

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