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it was a great alcohol free weekend, which was no small miracle considering it was also the festival of the beers all weekend. i slept friday night and then went to the valley for an aboriginal tent embassy benefit and saw some bands play and bummed around.

i had this massive talk with SB and we decided to give it one last chance and see how things go. i was really honest with him and told him that he was a great person but an asshole boyfriend and he said he wanted to change because we were always fighting about the same shit over and over again but he doesn't want to loose me. i think i'm being unrealistic in thinking this time will be any different from all the other times, people generally don't change but we'll have to see.

saturday was spent wandering the valley markets, i got a new pair of army pants with zipper fly [not those damn button flys] for $20 and a free ac/dc button. i slept most of saturday afternoon and went to old school friends place around 9pm for some vegetarian curry and sat around with her and F1. we ate some *special* cake and went to the zoo to see the cat empire play.

they were even better than the last time i saw them and i danced and danced all night. i ran into drummer boy in the valley who decided to talk to me again... and then i danced some more. i went to a party about 2am [after getting mighty lost] and everyone was passed out or half asleep so i had some nachoes and went to bed.

i slept most of yesterday and went for a skate with big pink which was good fun. anyway i've been on msn with my brother all morning so i'd better get back to uni work.

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