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i spent a couple of hours in the middle of the day stuck of the highway between the sunny coast and the middle of nowhere. my car decided to chuck in the towel and then RACQ couldn't fix it so my brother had to come pick me up and i have no money to fix and my parents are up north for a week.....

so i'm stuck up here for however long... which isn't entirely bad. tomorrow i going on a big skate op shopping expedition and then a swim. *claps hands* right now i'm putting blue streaks in my fringe and dying the back purple, so that should be fun.

hmmmm... the weekend was alright, pretty fun. i didn't get too drunk at all and had a very cruisy sat/sun..... lots of skateboarding/table tennis and amber ale. i also saw 28 days later. don't believe the hype. ughh... not good. it would be a compliment to say it was a poor rip off of resident evil but even that had more plot, character development and story line.

where is boo, i miss him.

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