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the end

it's been an odd couple of days, twilight zone style...

it all started tuesday morning when i went for my big skate expedition. i skated for over 4 hours (my legs are still aching) and did some op shopping on the way. i got 2 petticoats, 1 thermal, 1 pink collared shirt [which i'm going to put one of my new scorpion patches on the back of, a maroon nurses dress adn a red stripped pj top.

anyway i skated around the corner and pretty much straight into my high school sweetheart [a little chilean boy], who i have not seen or spoken to for over 3 years... i don't talk about him because, well, i don't like to talk about it.

basically we went out for a year and a half from grade 12 to half way through 1st year uni, i lost my virginity to him, i thought i was so in love with him and he was in love with me and everything was perfect until i moved to brisvegas and he stayed up the sunny coast... at one stage he asked me to marry him, but he wouldn't leave his friends so we only saw eachother a couple of times a month because neither of us had cars and then eventually it fell apart after we got back from a trip from sydney and he was supposed to move down here and it never happened. i was sick of him breaking promises to me and lying and then he started seeing a chick we used to be friends with in high school, like 3 weeks later and has been with her ever since, and we never spoke again.

3 weeks... fuck it took me atleast 6 months to get over him [even though i ended it]... anyway it was too strange. back to my story... so i said "oh, hey" and then he said "oh hey" then i said "how have you been?" then he said "oh good" then i said "good" [silent pause] nodded my head and skated away and had a panic attack.

it's sort of really fuct up because we were so close and now we can't even have a conversation. it's not like it ended really badly either. i wanted to talk to him... but was so freaked out because i wasn't expecting to see him.

later that night me and my brother had a BBQ and this chick who was one of my best friends in high school came over, who i hadn't seen since i was 19 and i chatted to her for a couple of hours [it was pretty strange] and drove the van back to bris.

then i was at the international airport yesterday morning around 7am with SB who was waiting for a friend tocome back from germany, so i'm standing at the arrival lounge and see this guy walk through the gates who looks like mr. king and he sees me and we both start laughing... me because it's too early in the morning [7am is the devil's hour] and him because he's jetlagged and we're both completely tripping... like what the fuck are you doing here... [he just got back from london]

i want my mummy

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