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it's been a really great rainy day. i slept in till 10.30am, went down the chemist and bought hairdye, had a long hot shower, watched that 80's show and had a cup of caramel black tea.

i was driving home from the shops in the ran and lost control of the van trying to stop at a redlight at the bottom of a hill, i must have hit an oil patch or something because the car just started doing donuts... it was sort of fun but scary because if anything happened to that van...

i have an exam and 3 assignments this week, which i'm not motivated to do but anyway it'll be good once they're done. muzz is coming up from melbourne for a week so it'll be good to see him again. apart from that i haven't got a call back about the room yet so i don't think i've got it...

it's curbside collection time at the moment and i was chucking out all my old stuff [2 crappy bikes, an old blow-up pool and some broken fairylights and everyone has already taken it. i have great junk. me and satchel man retrieved a stool and a brown velvet armchair yesterday but the rain will have wrecked anything else that was decent...

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