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so i'm staying at this house until our lease runs out, which is january next year, so who knows what will happen then... too much other stuff to do/think about until then.

this weekend promises to be pretty exciting [damn expectations, it will probably end up being crap] anyway a new swing dance/ rockabilly club with live bands opens in the valley tonight and also it's the community cervix/ dick nasty reunion show at the jube... decisions decisions. and then tomorrow night is muzz's 21st so that should be good if i make it up the coast.

i had an exam yesterday for drug delivery that was worth 60% of my final mark... i think i did pretty well. i don't get final exams that are worth more than 50%. it doesn't make any sense to have your whole grade riding on one 3hour exam, especailly since you study all this stuff for weeks and then half of it isn't even mentioned and but you know all this useless shit about active transport systems and magnetic spin angles that you'll probably never use again but you want them to know that you know. i get to the end of an exam i just want to write an essay on all the crappy things i learned they didn't ask me about to make up for all the stuff i forgot.

anyway i dyed some clothes [thermals and petticoats] green and purple yesterday, no not tie-dye, and they turned out really well. F1 came over for breakfast and now i must finish a lab report.


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