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do you know what the three sweetest words in the english language are... i turn to a giddy smiling mess everytime i hear them... FREE BAR TAB. *swoons*

i've been putting off this entry because it's going to be a big one... maybe it'll have to be 2 entries it's pretty late and i'm sleep deprived so we'll see how i do.

on friday night i went to the jube with sb for the community cervix/dick nasty reunion... it was for this boy's 21st who's best friend used to date big pink [most boring guy EVER, if he was a colour he'd be beige]... anyway the boy who turned 21's brother died 2 weeks earlier so it was really sad at the same time.

dick nasty were fun, it was good seeing them live again after so long then we walked to the new swing/rockabilly club but big pink had already left and they have a dress code so we went back and saw community cervix... ahhh there are no words for how much i love this band... since the first time i saw them at the surfair discovery beach resort... so that was fun and i had a big dance and went home.

saturday i finished a lab report and then went over miss-p's [i've decided to change F1's name to this because F1 doesn't do her justice] before heading up the coast. it was the tank's birthday so smaaron and lawny and church-boy were there as well as smaaron's new girlfriend. later we were having a debate about girls shaving their armpits and smaaron says: "well i know pygmi doesn't shave hers" in front of everyone... he might have as well said " i know 'cause i've gotten her nude"... to which church-boy replied eewww... that's gross but i didn't here him complaing when we went skinny dipping and stuff...

also it was quite odd 'cause i hadn't met the new girlfriend before and it was sort of uncomfortable being all like yeah... me and smaaron... so what was your name? but she was really cool... i don't know how he does it... has lots of really nice ex-girlfriends 'cause he's a bit of a prick... the same thing with the hairy goblin... i loved all his exes i met.

so then we get up the coast and parked the dub at my parents place and walk down to the restaraunt where there was a plentiful amount of good friends and good alcohol... the was muzz, dino, goldie, moptop, siv, ness, chubs, the golden mole, the greasy italian and chopper [all kids from my old school days].

when the bar tab ran out the golden mole bought us come csc's and then dino bought me a couple of beers. i stole some cupachups and we got kicked out at closing which lead us onto the street and the walk to muzz's hotel room... after a pee in the bushes, a whole lot of ass slapping and some wrestling [sorry about the blood nose chubs]

we ended up following the femme boy and the private school boy into an apartment where we were greated by stranges and given free beer... then realised this was not where the party was and promptly left with 2 more beers than i started with and shortly after found ourselves back with the gang at the hotel... although i don't remember getting there.

more wrestling, sassiness ensued... a we polished off a whole bottle of clear sambuca on shots we set on fire and then sucked the gas from before downing them... it tastes like yummy black jelly beans. muzz really hurt my wrists in a playfight and i'm covered in an assortment of bruises from falling and stacks-on piles.

me and miss-p finally made it up the hill back to my parents house about 5am... only to be woken up by dino a couple of hours later who lost his bag at the 1st apartment we went to, smarmy bastard. we didn't go to the breakfast BBQ and slept till 12.30.

the next installment and photos tomorrow... i promise

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