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after 2 cups of tea and some honeydew money i felt well enough to head down the beach, it was a bit windy for swimming so me and miss-p got some chips and icypoles from the shop across from the ramps we used to hang out in high school. BEST CHIPS EVER... not so thick but not too thin and crucky on the outside and fluffy on the inside with just the right amount of chicken salt.

anyway for $2 all we got was a small bag but when i was in high school for $2 you used to get about 1/2kg of potato all wrapped in brown paper and it'd feed 4 people... i'm getting so old... next thing you know it'll be the inflation of petrol prices i'm complaining about...

after showering we headed to the golf club for goldie's 21st swairee... not party 'cause there was a jazz/funk band and it was at the golf club... i was well underdressed for the occasion so it was just as well i had decided to wear my imitation fake pearls...

they had every type of party food, some really tasty dip, salmon things, cheerios [yay], grilled prawns, oysters... all the seafood smell[that i don't eat anyway] was making me feel hell dodgy and so i spent the rest of the afternoon sitting but everyone was munted from the night before anyway and there were actually some really nice speeches and then me and miss-p headed back to brisvegas.

on the way home we stopped in at old school friend's place because we had decided to have a slumber party as the tank was up the coast... anyway we had some tea and went back to the love nest... later that night we were downloading the photos on to the computer and monkey-b was on line... so he called us... i haven't spoken to him for almost 2 years because he has been in korea as an english teacher so that was pretty crazy and i think i went to bed about 3am...

i woke up early because i had an essay to type and was walking down the main road that joins our houses in my pj and a pair of oversized sunnies... it's not far but during peak hour it's pretty amusing. i came home to find maggots had reclaimed the kitchen. GGRRRRR...

anyway the nextdoor neighbours' house got broken into on saturday so everyone is pretty spooked that it will happen here too because super-bruce reckons he saw someone hiding under our house. so i'm feeling extra paranoid at the moment.

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