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this weekend could be called non-eventful compared to last weekend... it wasn't really but it seemed that way. the best part was i got some royal purple hightop cons, a red polka dot bikini, a yellow bowling shirt and i dress which i am having a terrible case of buyers remorse over and it was on sale so i can't return it...

anyway i'm dead broke again so i've applied for a couple of jobs in the city, one at a book store, one at a surf/skate shop [which has this leopard print 3row pyramid studded belt i'm gagging after] and i'm goign to apply at jb as well so hopefully...

today was alot of fun with the grrrls... it was supposed to be a grrrls picnic but the weather wasn't good so we had noodles and went to the gardens. my noodles weren't very good but i'm really picky about chinese food 'cause so much of it can be dodgy [insert story about food poisoning/ what i found in my dimsim here]

anyway i distressed that i can't find pink tartan fabric anywhere and i've been to almost every fabric shop in brisvegas... grrr... anyway i'm feeling lazy so i think i'll go sit on the couch for a while. yay.

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