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1. five things in my refrigerator:
an avocardo, firm tofu, apple and passionfruit juice, some moldy salsa and red thai curry paste.

2. five things in my freezer:
lemon pepper chicken kebabs, chicken, ice...[it really needs to be defrosted], veal and sliced roast pork.

3. five things under my kitchen sink:
pots and pans that haven't been used since the gas got turned off, 452 plastic chinese containers, an oscar multipurpose food processor/juicer, some dead cocharoaches and probably a handful of maggots.

4. five things around my computer:
a yellow highlighter, my calculator, every grinspoon cd expect easy, an old evelope with much crucial information on it and sb's credit card *smirks*

5. five things in my medicine cabinet:
zoloft, polaramine, mersyndol, maxalon and coconut massage oil...

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