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i know i go on about how arty i am with all my making and stuff... anyway with my purchases today of a coping saw and electric glue gun many people can share in my creative delights... these handmade hairclips... by pygmilocks designs... yay... too exciting for words.

they're tiny barette clips with felt [red or white] backing and damn cute. even satchel man had some in his hair earlier. there's 2 different types... starbright which are sold idividually [$2] and checkmate which is sold in pairs [$6, they're alot more work and sore fingers]. so yeah if you live in my fair city i will be whoring my wares and old clothes at the valley markets this saturday and if not and you really like the hairclips... guestbook me and tell me and i might send you some...

either way let me know what you think of these... soon i will also be posting some of the furniture i've made and hope to sell as well and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

oh yeah hot glue gun. woo woo.

boo for the blisters and cuts on my fingers

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