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you am i was so damn good. i was so close to timmy he was sweating on me... that man is the sexiest man in rock and roll... sweet gumdrops... oh my... they played a really fantastic set too. the only unfortunate aspect of friday night was the wankers on the goldie, it's like a hairless planet of the apes down there, macho men beating there chest and dragging off womyn by the hair.

anyway i had to leave the front of the stage because the guy behind me took great amusement in me hitting him and swearing at him everytime he groped me, slapped my ass and grinded against me... i think he was getting off on it and it was fucking creepy... so i couldn't find super-bruce and went up the back where some of his friends were, only to get groped and mauled by one of them too... and spent the last 2 songs hiding in the bathroom from all the wankers.

there was only like 1 chick in the place for every 10 guys as well there was some quasi-celebrity [from neighbours and big brother] standing behind me 'cause it was indy weekend and the 2 chicks standing next to me were going absolutely spacko i swear. the other thing is i was so sensibly dressed 'cause of the weather i had baggy flare jeans and a very modest thermal... nothing even remotely slutty or sugestive. grrr... boys suck.

so i made it home at 3am and after a long hot shower [i felt so dirty] i got about 2 hours sleep before i went to the valley markets... then i spent 2 hours standing around before everything could be set up. 2 cups of caramel latte later and both me and HC grrrl were blubbering shaky messes. we stayed till 3pm. i made $120 - $20 for the stall 'cause the other ladyfest chick jibbed me [i won't start] - $65 phonebill - $15 clothes [i got a sweater vest, green skirt and tin] - and the rest paid off my internet shopping bill. so i have all of $2 left.

i had a nap when i got home and went to fasta pasta for tea. later i went to a 21st and had some very tasty ginger beer and saw some old photos [gosh i love photos] and had a drink which was made of vodka soaked jellybeans, red corial, ice and frozen berries. it was so damn tasty. i was so munted so i came home early and slept for 12 hours straight.

"mmm... this drink is chewy" - the bear

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