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the end

today got off to a pretty good start. i got to uni on time, found a car park, didn't have an exam and when i came home the ice-cream van was coming down the street.

i'm hoping it storms again tonight, i've been loving all the thunder and lightning... speaking of loving here's a list of favourite things at the moment:

*lucas' papaw ointment... it smells so tasty as well
*coconut moisturising oil
*my electric glue gun...
*red mary janes shoes... i'm going to cry if i don't get them
*apricot and macadamia bars... delicious and nutritious
*the colour prurple
*my coping saw
*photoshop and photo editing softwear... the possibilities
*swing dancing
*old tins
*fitting everything in pockets
*not wearing shoes
*fun and games... not mind ones
*memories of the last time i...
*tocano~cha... the best ever
*not knowing what happens next
*zoloft... join the masses
*other people's poetry
*cold showers

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