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i finally saw kill bill. absolutely marvellous. reminded me of the long kiss goodnight [you know the one with that chick from beetlejuice and samuel l. jackson in it?] anyway it was fantastic although i didn't quite understand the R rating because while it was graphic it was unbelievable.

i'm comparing it to the end of freddy vs. jason which i watched after our movie finished and we snuck into another theartre, and then after that ended we caught some of tomb raider 2 in another cinema but that was really boring so i went home. anyway my point was i found jason vs. freddy 5x more violent and grotesque than kill bill [which had the bonus of plot].

it had freddy fucking a dead chick, and lots of gore... so what's fucked up is that a movie with necrophillia in it is only getting an MA15+ rating and kill bill is R18+. am i the only one who thinks this is completely fucking ludicrious and sick?

anyway i got the job at the surf/skate store, all the people there are super friendly and i get to wear whatever piercings/hair i want so that's good too. ohh they have so many cute clothes there, i wanted to go maybe crazy but i'm pretty broke for a bit longer. also i went to medicare today which wasn't anywhere near as painful as everyone lead me to believe, even though i only got $25 of my $50 back.

tomorrow i have 2 quizzes and some overdue assignments and what's making everything more interesting... my printer fell on the floor and i think it's broken.

i made some more really fucking cool hairclips tonight. they're black with tiny pyramid studs along them. and they look well wicked, very punk rock.

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