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people's feeling and the dead are 2 things you should never fuck with.

ooh... halloweeen, i fully embrase any excuse to wear excessive amounts of eyeshadow, i went o 2 shows played some pool, took alot of photos, general all-round spazziness on behalf of me and big pink [i wish we still lived together, those were the days]

the next day was filled with arts and craft and banging stuff with a hammmer. i met HC grrrl and milton in the city and did some shopping and screeenprinting before getting all dolled up for the cotton club swing dance ball. i put all hot rollers in my hair and wore my new cherry dress. weee... so much fun, one boy asked for my phone number [i have no idea] and i stood on plenty of feet.

they had some amzing dance demonstrations, which made me want to start lessons again, a big swing band, miniture food and the nicest champane ever. normally i don't touch wine or champas 'cause i've never liked the taste but this stuff was super fantastic. they got a sugar cube and dropped bitters on it then poured the champane over and added a strawberry. yummo.

i ran out of every sort of cold beverage yesterday, there was no milk, juice cordial left in the house... all i had was beer. needless to say i didn't play tennis so well last night.

it's payday today. woo hoo.

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