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all the christmas stuff is up so it's time to start my christmas wishlist

*4 posterbed frame black queen size
*misfits juke project 1950 t-shirt in small from interpunk
*pink strawberry shortcake mailbag from torrid
*a red tool box including: a big heavy hammer, file, screwdrivers, spanners, wrenches, heavy duty staple gun, staples, [i would also love a hand drill but i'm not going to push it]
*plaid capri pants with skull knee patches from swankgear [i have no idea what size but because they don't have a size chart so i can covert them]
*the cat empire's new self-titled cd
*tickets to the distillers
*red heart-shaped lolita sunglasses from plush living
*cool water perfume
*plane ticket to melbourne
*an overlocker and a new silk screen
*AC/DC best of live double cd
*bikini kill singles t-shirt in small from interpunk

i've been so very good this year.*pouts*

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