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well so much has been happening over here. exams always send me into a dribbling mess so i thought it best not to update...

i must have made my point because sb's flatmate had a go at the guy who grabbed me at scary street and he apologised to me in person which made me feel sort of better about it. he really is a very creepy man. *shudder*

i went to swing dancing again and one of the guy's who goes there ask me to renovate some furniture for him so that'll give me something to do on the holidays.

because i've finished my last exam and i never have to go back to griffith again. weeeeeeeeeee..... 'cause next year i'm going to a different uni..... oh well. soon soon.

i'm dying my hair at the moment, a mix a rasberry beret and lavender. fun. other stuff that is fun is my red maryjanes that came in the mail last week. they're perfect.

oh my *sighs*

this weekend i'm having another stall at the valley markets so come along and buy stuff for my going to sydney/alcohol fund.

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