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i'm just about to shower for the 1st time in days. yay me. i also have one of my best vomit stories yet. yay me again.

it all start last thursday when me and miss-p headed down to the bottle shop and purchased 1 bottle passion pop, 2 csc cans, and a 4 pack of apple and guava juicers. these were consumed before heading to the rg for 2-4-1 drinks... and i'm proud to say i only spent $2.80 all night thanks to all the lovely people and all the free booze.

there was beer and cocktails and vodka and orange juice and more beer and more cocktails... some dancing, [i made a promise to myself i would get up a table and dance... and it was probably a good thing i couldn't have even if i tried], met some new people, drank more beer, answer a series of questions on interpretive dance for one of the chicks from team plastique while being video-taped, girl on girl, boy on boy, tweaking nipples..... it was all happening.

i got escorted home sometime after 2am... which is quite tidy because that's 12 hours of drinking and don't remember going to bed but big pink tells me i passed out on the floor next to my bed and she had to pick me up and put tuck me in. such a sweetie. all in all: a fucking fantastic night.

friday morning i woke up feeling not too shabby and got to work by 8am for what was ment to be an 8 hour shift... an hour into it i was not so healthy. i work on the 2nd floor and the bathrooms are locked on the bottom floor and you have to take the lift down and get keys to it... i just knew i was goign to spew and i just ran towards the lift, in the lift trying not to chunder everywhere... but i do and try and sallow it down, it comes out my nose and i try to catch it in my hands to no avail...

the lift door finally opens and i throw up all over the bathroom door, while trying to get into it. and it was all bright red from my berry and watermelon juice. so i got sent home and spent the rest of the day sleeping it off. i'm working 20hours this week but i'm not looking foward to seeing anyone from work again. now i'm the spew grrrl..... hahaha

a very cruisy saturday, good friends kicking back on a verandah in the sun at muffy's [one of the old gabba grrrls crew]house with HC grrrl and milton and others. saturday night KNAW... too exciting for words... old school... oh yeah... free bar tab and spring rolls... the quickening... mixed lollies and minor treat [not minor threat].

if it was possible sunday was even better. i went over muffy's again with HC grrrl and cut her hair, sort of 40's style and dyed it purplish/brown. it looks really cute. i'm sad because she's moving to sydney soon and i haven't seen her much since she stopped going to shows.

later we all had sweet potato red curry for tea with xdestroyx and muffy's housemate [who i have decided to call elf], i was told by sb that i would like her because she reminds him of me and is very honest and open... which is one of my favourite qualities in people, which is probably why i like chevy so much even though she selpt with my old boyfriend.

i completely lost track of my point which was that she's super-fantastic and i'm speaking on a panel at straight out of brisbane festival with her called real fiction. friday the 5th at 3pm at visible ink in the valley. i'm excited and nervous at the same time. new people are fun, plus she likes strawberry shortcake and monkeys. i'm also looking foward to the clothes swap. even more fun.

and now i'm sad my weekend is over and the next one is 5 days away.

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