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i don't go out to be harassed and mauled by loser middle aged men with self esteem problems. the same wanker from scary street was at beerstock on sb's birthday and came up to me again... apologised and asked if i wanted a drink i told him no and he didn't take the hint... he persisted for a bit and then grabbed my ass, rubbed himself against me [he had back me into this rockabilly chick i'd just met] and said: if i buy you a beer will you pash me real hard. at which point i grabbed metal grrrl who promptly smacked him across the face and knee him and then the bouncers kicked him out.

it completly wrecked a great night and was so dodgy. the next day the rockabilly chick rang to make sure i was ok and we're going to report it to the cops because he also harassed 2 other chicks that night and he's that sort of guy who'll do it again and has gotten away with it too amny times before. in the meantime if i ever see that creapy little fucker again i'm going to crack him.

i will write more happy stuff later... i'm too tired and i have a house inspection tomorrow.

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