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lets dance in the rain in our underpants and worship the heathen gods of beer.

so much stuff has been going on lately lego man broke up with his girly who he was living with and i've spent the last couple of days comforting her. she's an absolute mess and i'm really no good at comforting the broken hearted. fuck him, lets go get drunk doesn't seem to work for everyone but then i guess not everyone is as cynical about love as me.

the good things baout these holidays so far have been not being so poor from working and spontaneous fun group activities. like midnight drinking sessions in the backyard on a tuesday and a litre of bourbon and a trip the quarry for a swim and all the sitting around has been fantastic.

the panel yesterday went really well. people came which was good and i really enjoyed it. soon i am off to the soob clothes swap and the to the far left limit show which should be alright expect for the rain... then tonight who knows... i'm hoping me and miss-p can get up to some mischief.

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