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i haven't updated because so much has happened in the last week.

i've been working like a trojan and today was my only day not rostered on and they call me up and want me to come in. except i'm in the middle of moving/unpacking and my mum is coming down from the coast and i haven't seen her in ages so i tell them that but they're pissed anyway so i wouldn't be suprised if they cut my hours back. all managers are the same cunty cunts.

so the big thing is that i've moved away from the shithole into a new house with this chick i will call blondie. the house is excellent and not on a main road and my bedroom is covered in glow in the dark stars. anyway good vibes and hopefully it should be lots of fun.

i took out my tongue webbing piercing 2 days ago because it was so sore and swollen and gross and i don't think i'll me putting it back in again.i can actually poke my tongue out again for the 1st time in a year. i guess me getting rid of one of my piercings was sort of ineveitable but i'm still sad about it. you could say i was attatched to it. hahaha... i'm so lame.

anyway got to go get my septum ring surgically removed before my mum arrives.

also satchel man's girlfriend is a fat red porky pig bitch... i will explain in detail later.

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