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why is it almost 9.30pm and my carriage has not come to pick me up to take me to the ball. that is what the fuck am i still doing at home on a friday night and where's my lift to the party.

i got black denim jeans on sale today they're so metal and fun... probably from all the ac/dc i've been listening to. garg. christmas. work is so draining.

i heard kelly osbournes cd the other day and i have to say it wasn't altogether painful. while the sinlges where cringe-worthy some of the tracks had a very donnas-esque rock 'n' roll thing going for them. there was one i particularly liked. no i haven't sold out or anything... we all know the donnas didn't write their 1st album either.

anyway... things and stuff... i'm pretty out of it at the moment... hmmm... i'm going.

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