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yesterday i experienced a moment of contentness. a pint of alcoholic ginger beer, a full stomach of chicken curry and sitting under a sprinkler late on a summer night. it was just one of those moments where everything seems so simple and fantastic.

which was nice considering all the shit that's been going on lately. which i will not talk about because it makes me so angry but basically lego amn broke up with this girlie a couple of weeks ago and the shit hasn't stopped since then. she rings me every morning at 8am crying, saying she wants to top herself, i spend hours and days comforting her and then she goes and tells everyone i hate legoman and think he's a cunt even though we were friends eventhough we were friends long before she came along and i have no reason to.

which then started a fight with sb's and legoman's friends at a party on saturday night... oi what's you're problem, why don't you like legoman? and i have no idea what's going on because i had been asleep and so i end up rubbing birthday cake in this guys face and hair who had been pissing me off but we used to be friends too and then he called me a stupid bitch and sb punched him and we left.

it was pretty fucked. yeah so i'm over and no more about that.

more later.

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