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i hope everyone had a lovely christmas and safe new years.

the most exciting news is hungry jacks has brought back the malibu burger.

i chased a rabbit around a backyard and bought a heap new clothes for the new year.

i had the worst new years to date. it sucked bum. anyway hopefully it's no indication as to what the rest of the year will be like. hmmm...

yeah i've been really happy lately, the house is super fantastic and blondie is good value.

i got tickets to the distillers this sunday night and i think i'm going to cream my pants... they're supporting QOTSA, which i don't know if i like yet. from what i've heard of their songs so far they suck so i don't know if i'll stay to see them.

christmas was fruitful... i got hypnotic poison perfume and a george forman roaster from my mum and dad, a big red tool box filled with all sorts of handy stuff, the aforementioned distillers ticket from B, a photo collage and some crazy face masks from miss-p, a torch, and some other random stuff.

i gave myself and old school bowlers hat which is so fucking cool that i will have to post pictures, a black strapless dress with a big pink skull, some black pinstripe pants and one xhardcorex haircut [1 inch stripes shaved up either side of my head. woo woo]. yay for presents.

i haven't been out lately and haven't been drunk in almost a month. i just haven't had time. ummm... i don't even remember the last couple of days but i think it went something like work/sleep/work/sleep/work/work.... i've been reading a heap too.

new years started off promising. with a watermelon and pineapple cocktails and ended with fights with sb and a dead boring party where the majority were off their tits on disco biscuits and goey and i was stone cold sober as the clock struck midnight.

so next year my no boyfriends on new years policy is being re-instated.

argh i can't believe it's the weekend again.

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