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to jules, the chick who signed the guestbook... were we at the same show on sunday? so fucking good were not the words i would use to describe anything about the distillers concert i was at last night. the sound was shit [far too quiet for one thing and no bass at all], the beer and merch was overpriced and crap...$45 for a t-shirt. FUCK OFF. only VB or mid-strength. I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PUNK ROCK SHOW!!!

again no standing allowed in the seated area. no moving from your allocated seats. 1:5 security guard to punters ratio. no beer or smoking in the hall [AHHHEM...] so basically i spent the distillers sitting politely in my seat, not drinking and scared to move after 2 security guards and 1 usher escorted me back to my seat. gosh forbid i was going to DANCE and go all crazy like. and the crowd... the most dead fucking crowd at a punk rock show ever. i saw about 4 people dancing on the hole floor... it was log central.

and the distillers... well that was the shortest set by an international touring act EVER. just over half an hour i think. all new album and some sing sing deathhouse [which was shit anyway] and only 1 song off their first albumn... GGRRRRR..... tell you what if i'd actually payed for a ticket i'd be even more pissed off.

highlights were brodie drinking vodka striaght from the bottle and the patti smith city of angels cover. i saw 2 qotsa songs and the sucked balls and i was getting restless in my seat so i went home... my purple mowhawk and plaits completely wasted on the 1hour and 15 minutes i was there.

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