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it's just past 1am on a friday morning and i'm on here because i got kicked out of 2-4-1's at the rg for being "too drunk" [i know i've been much drunker than this before... and it was a hot night] and then ballerina told us it was past 3am and that we all had to go home becase we were working... but i got home at 12.50am so i'm still wide awake and wishing there was someone to play with.

so the night started with guava cruisers and white flaming sambuca shots and ended with an assortment of vodka drinks. which i ended up throwing on anyone in arms reach. there was a trip to the $1 peep show and i saw some saggy boobies and lots of spadge and we went home shortly after.

this guy was there from ballerina's sex is hot pink 21st party and he has a massive hard on for me and that was pretty amusing but i don't understand why... but he told me my shaved head was sexy and i just laughed. HC grrrl, eva d. went home early, we sort of lost them after the maxi taxi into the valley.

there was this other guy there who i met at a party a couple of years ago that i could have cheated on mr. wolf with but didn't because i have morals, but after everything i sort of wished i had now because he's a bit of alright.

anyway fucking fantastic night but i got to go shower 'cause i spilt so many fire engines on myself

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