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i have hardcore wifebeater tan this summer. it looks like i'm still wearing one when i'm all naked. atleast it goes with my shaved head.

today i tried on a black leather pleated skirt and it was the greatest and i want one. i also saw i cloak made out of dried fish and one made from chicken's feet at the art gallery today... *shudder* *gag*. mum came down from the coast and we went shopping, did lunch etc. she actually liked my haircut and said it was cute but it's nothing she hasn't seen before.

i've been doing a heap of sewing lately. the greatest thing i made was a red tartan overall dress with big silver stud buttons and leopard print fur pockets. damn cute. i wore it to the big day out on sunday, which was alright. the highlight for me was the darkness. what's a rock show without a costume change, it's like a beer with the head. another highlight was also backstage access... no line-up for toilets that weren't completely disgusting... the ones in the vip bar had liquid wash and paper towels. it was almost overwhelming but it made the whole big festival almost bearable.

the best part of my weekend was most definately the loin groin show at the zoo last friday. it was so fun. i danced and danced and they played all the classics and JB came [after we went undie-dipping in her pool at 2am with crustal and sb 'cause it was so hot] . iieee..... and i wasn't even drunk. it's going to be hard to top that show, especially so early in the year but i am getting tickets to BOUNCING SOULS tomorrow so we'll have to see.

also booking in to get my other conch pierced and hopefully when i get my bond back from the shithole new wheels and bearings for my skateboard, an overlocker or a bike.

must remember to get my shit together.

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