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big fun weekend just gone... long poor stressful week ahead. so this is it... friday night was well spent doing... nothing? i can't even remember... but i can tell you this much by 1pm on saturday afternoon i had completely written myself off on a combination of homebrew ginger beer, west coast coolers and miscellenous punch.

there was a very fun party which was later rained out i played putt-putt and attempted to skate a ramp. mostly i sat and drank and later i danced in the rain. i was asleep/passed out by 10.30pm. but it was well worth it.

sunday night being the australia day long weekend i wore my new leather skirt to the pub-crawl show at reefos, saw burnouts and cervix. too much dancing and fun. i had to work yesterday but hopefully they pay me for it this time... GGRRRRR.....

spoken word is for pretentious art hags and losers who can't rhyme.

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