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i moonied crust on msn last night... i told everyone it was only a matter of time before my pasty white bottom was all over the internet. hee hee.

i just met a guy who i thought i hadn't met turn out i had in the valley. don't remember but i'm guessing i was drunk in anycase he remembered me. hahaha i just have that effect on people.

speaking of meeting people we got a new flatmate on saturday, i will call her nettie. and i caoming down the driveway as she was arriving and so i said "hi i'm pygmi, i'm on the way to the bottleshop, do you want anything?" no misconceptions there. later i proceded to write myself off on passion pop and tallies before heading to the rg for cocktails and beer. there was me and crust and miss-p and my flatmates and drummer boy and some of the old gabba girls so it was pretty fun.

everyone else left except for me and crust who danced to mc hammer - can't touch this, violent femmes - blister in the sun, that lalala-long song [girl i'm gonna make you sweat, sweat till you can't swaet no more]..... peter andre - mysterious girl [i had the biggest hard-on for peter andre when i was 11. hahaha] and proclaimers - 500 miles. really it doesn't get much better.

sunday leads me to the next big news which is that miss-p and the tank are parting ways and so we had an uber grrrly day watching kath and kim series 2 on dvd at ballerina's place eating and gossiping and later just bummed around trying to find somewhere to go swimming 'cause it was really fucking hot at like 10.30pm.

but yeah later when i was dropping miss-p home she was like thank-you for spending the day with me... which i was like what? for one i love hangin out with her more than anyone and we hardly get to do it enough anymore and if miss-p had a dollar for everytime i rang up crying over some asshole boy who was not one bit worth it then she wouldn't need to be looking for a job. i swear i would have fallen apart without her there. [if you're reading this you're beautiful, thanks and i love you sweetie]

can't wait for payday tomorrow.

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