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the three most exciting things to happen this week [in order of least exciting to most exciting] *drum roll*

1. i got a pair of mary janes shoes for $9. they're just like my pink ones except white. i love them like i love all my shoes... they are my children... hahaha oh.

2. the chelsea [in brisvegas] is re-opening and will be called the old chelsea and the first show's this thursday. weee...

and before you pee your pants...

3. there's only 2 degrees of seperation between me and atom of atom and his package, my flatmate, nettie's boyfriend from england is mates with him. hahaha how fucking cool is that? i'll tell you... it's very fucking cool. yay.

oh and i might be goign to the bloody valentine festival in sydney next week and also getting bouncing souls tickets tomorrow. woo hoo.

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