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the chick who pierced my conch was so imcompentent i was yelling and swearing at her 'cause she was fucking everything up. and i'm saying ummm you need pliers 'cause your stumpy fingers don't fit in my ear and she just kept poking around [she put the barbell in the wrong way and the plastic catheta tube got stuck on it] until i was like fucking what are you doing GET PLIERS. so she finally does... another 5 minutes of her trying to get the ball on the end. yeah she was yellow bus special. if it wasn't free i would be complaining to someone... as opposed to just whinging on here. so to everyone in my fair city... don't get pierced at the piercing shop... bunch of hacks.

toshamunda in izz wizz tomorrow night. i got to work all weekend too but it should still be fun. not looking foward to valentines day. arghhh... nobody is romantic anymore... i want to feel special and be feel like nobody has done that for me before... that's so sweet... not flowers, not chocolate [not that i would complain if there was] but a grand fucking gesture... something that says i put some thought and effort into this because i care not because it's expected.

anyway big day ahead.

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