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if you want to know you'll have to ask

nothing new to tell and nothing else to say

the end

craziness pure fucking pyscho babble.

really there are only three things worth mentioning

the first being some hell grotto butch chick tried to pick me up at work the other day i ended up feeling so bad about it i took her number out of pity and hope she went home to shower... seriously.

on saturday i was quite drunk in izz wizz at the toshamunda show when i got in trouble by the ninga-naas for running down the main street of izz wizz with a giant silver horseshoe [i had aquired earlier from the pub] around my neck. i also accidently hit a grrrl in the back of the head with a massive purple jelly dildo.

lastly tonight i'm going to the alibi room for $2 tacos and margaritas and getting munted before going camping wednesday...

adios amigos

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