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the only thing worse than being known as a drunken hooligan is a very drunken hooligan with an attack of the giggles. i have hardly any voice left from the drinking...

it was a long weekend last week that started on a thursday with a bottle of vodka and some good friends and it ended sometime in the wee hours of sunday morning so i'm still paying the price..... [today's thursday]

apart from drinking i went to the valley markets with a new friend i made and worked but mostly i sat and drank. not alot of moving just alot of drinking. i've made alot of new friends who are all very fun.

this one boy who works at a tattoo place in the city, who is adorable and has the biggest hard-on for punky girl [who's know completely moved out] which would be great except she seems to think if she makes out with enough heavily tattooed boys lego man will come running back to her. ohh and he seams so lovely but they all do to start with.

so i've been playing matchmaker which is bound to backfire on me.

i want money and i don't have any.

i need another job.

i'm really sleppy.

lastly i'm off the zoloft [3 weeks now] and i'm happy. yay for me.

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