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wow. i never thought i could be more hurt. i was wrong. the aftermath is a fucking nightmare. everything had been goign so well the last 3 weeks were so damn good, we were bike riding together and hanging out and we had one of those 3 hour middle of the night chats where we were just talking about everything... no secrets. i have no secrets... he knows them all about my family, my life, me... i've never shared so much about myself with anyone. i was honest with him about everything, i never lied to him and always told him how i felt.

if i had of done what he done everyone would be calling me a slut. i only just got the meanest email from him. and he's so angry at me and so mean and there's no need for it because i'm already completely shattered. i spent the last 2 years of my life with this him. he was like a friend and a brother and everything and i told him everything and he hates me because he broke my heart and i have no right to be upset... i just don't understand what's going on.

oh my gosh... i thought he was the raddest fucking guy ever. i trusted him. too sad and fucked up to go to work today.

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