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it's been just over a week now. last night i almost had a good nights sleep, in that i only woke up 4 times. i didn't throw up this morning either which is another fantastic thing. i think it helped that i was up the coast and away from here. i had to come back for tennis tonight and work tomorrow. i lost 5kgs this week, everything i ate i can count on one hand and it all came back up anyway.

i'm listening to you am i right now. thinking alot about things i want to tell him. he said i should grow up and realise that it's ok to make out with your friends... apparently it's even better just after you fuck your girlfriend twice and tell her you'll miss her and to call you...

i've been hanging out with this really nice guy who lives up the street, just chatting for 2 nights. he had this girlfriend of 2 years who made out with his best-friend/flatmate and he put alot of things in perspective for me. it's made it alot easier for me to see things clearly and not be so hateful [i am however reserving my right to be bitter and resentful].

if i wanted to get even, if i was a mean/nasty person there is so much i could have done by now to get revenge, but i'm not 19 years old anymore and this city is too small for starting shit that i don't want any part of.

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