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i just had a really good night. me and my housemate nettie met up with this chick who catches our bus and had drinks with her in the valley [i think she was trying to get into nettie's pants] but it was so fun. after drinks we went and smoked apple bongs at the cafe next to rics... i don't know what the proper name is but they were hell tasty.

while we were there this little hippy boy asked me to join him across the road to see a band and so i went up there and shared a cherry sars with him, and it actually had cherries in it and tried my hand at flirting again which was awkward and then joined the grrrls back at rics where this drunk tried to pick me up and i decided it was time to go home.

so since last thursday i've had 6 guys propostion me while being out in the valley. something which i'm not entirely comfortable with because most of them are drunk fucks who i wish would just leave me alone and i don't really feel that safe plus i haven't found anyone else all that attractive since the first time i saw him on that september night over 2 and a half years ago.

but the upside is there are people who think i'm hot and even if they are drunk losers i can still feel sort of good about myself.

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