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i just spent weekend hanging out with this really fucking fun guy whose adorable. had been drinking pretty heavily but nothing new there and under the circumstances it's to be expected.

but yeah this boy... we ran into eachother the weekend before and then this weekend when i saw him again... ummm... yeah it was really cute he asked for my phone number and we went for a walk and kissed in the gutter.

saturday was pretty good but i was getting lectured by everyone. most annoying was this guy who was having a go at me because he said i should be fine with everything that happened and don't i remember when everyone used to get messed up and make out with everyone else and he's ex didn't have a problem with it so why should i.

the first thing being that was over 3 years ago now and we were all much younger and single then and it would have been different had i been there doing it as well. the second being if this guys girlfriend at the time had of found out he fucked a chick when she was 8 months pregnant with his kid i highly doubt she'd have been so fucking understanding and accepting of the whole situation.

but then again maybe it's just me who has a fuck up view on relationships...

also have dyed all my hair hot pink.

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