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have you ever been standing in a pub, drunk, but generally alright, when a girl comes up to you and says: "i've fuct your boyfriend when you to where together" well last night it happened to me for the 2nd time in my life, the 2nd time in less than 3 years.but this time there was an added: "and we're together now and i don't want you to be hateful, be happy for us."

OH MY FUCK FUCK FUCK OFF DIE FUCKING ARGHHHH OH GOLLY GEE WIZZ MOTHER FUCKING SLUTS OF FURY FUCK FUCK FUCK... atleast now everything makes sense and i sort of knew in the pit of my stomach and i was like oh well too late to do anything now. so totally fucked. who am i to stand in the way of true love...

so he... has ran away with the ex-fiance of his best-friend of 8 years... and this was somehow kept secret from me for the past 3 weeks. spineless little fuck... everything but the truth. and so i stood there and smiled and said "what can you do?" *shrugs* while she hugged me and told me things would be cool... of course she's the one fucking my fucking ex-boyfriend. and i grabbed pinnies hand and fought back tears and kept my head up high as i fucking could and kept watching the band.

push through this pain 'cause we all know there's a fuck load more where that came from.

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