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oh gosh 2 days until sydney.

my mum came round this morning, a suprise visit, because her and dad are really worried about me [and rightly so i still can't touch food and most things make me want to poke my eyes out or cry] but there i am fast asleep, nude, pink hair everywhere with my big fuck-off spetum jewellery in and she's banging on my window telling me to let her in.

i tidied my room in 15 seconds while searching for plyers and dressing myself... on good days my parents think i'm on drugs and mum has never liked any of my piercings so out of respect for her i don't wear them around her but today was one of those days where i didn't need a "clearly you're a freak on drugs" lecture.

so she came with me to the laundry mat because our washing machine broke and we had bad coffee from a good pizza shop in paddo and then she dropped me at work. she bought all this food down and was trying to make me eat all morning but it was annoying because i was trying to get all my shit done and she was just repeating herself the way mothers do.

having lived away from home for so long there's a certain way i do my own things, like laundry, and having mum there made it almost impossible to get anything done. not that it wasn't really good to see her. i love her. so in the end i let her do my laundry her way and let her talk randomly about what i should be doing with my life, i ate a croissant but not the mandarin and we reached a compromise. also dad left me $100 to play with in sydney... half of which i just spent on bills... oh well.

everytime i think of him i think of him fucking her. i hope they both get nasty veneral diseases.

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