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shopping in sydney has made me spastic with joy... and the food, oh gosh, it makes me want to eat... everything is so tasty. this is really the only city to come to if you need socks... every type of sock and they're sold everywhere. also it's got the best china town in australia. it's just so big and great. melbourne has the smallest crappiest china town and brisvegas's is just average.

me and muffy went to the raddest h-block show last night which i will write more about later because we have to leave for the ska-bq soon so i'm just knocking back a beer... NO POTS AND NO XXXX... i get confused when i go to the bar because it's almost automatic me saying "pot of fourex thanks mate". "midi of tooheys new" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

right now it feels like my inside need to be scrubbed with pipe cleaners, it's so dirty here.

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