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sydney was too much fun, muffy is the greatest. while i was down there i bought leopard print knee high stockings, a shamrock bandana, argyle knee hi socks, black and white striped socks, a silver skull patch, a navy workshirt [it's fucking cute], a h-block101 burning with the times shirt, a pink 2-row pyramid studded belt and some other random junk.

i got sort of drunk on friday night and danced alot, hblock were amazing and then when we went to the ska-bq on saturday where they played as their ska band jimmy sliff and the weedkillers they were even more fun and i drank and danced some more. we met some really cool people, little will and co, and swapped numbers/email and hopefully they'll be up to visit.

on the way to the ska-bq we jumped all these fences at the train station and then follwed chaos punks into a dead end street 'cause they were all drunk and lost. we ended up catching the train home with them as well... the most adorable little japanese punks who's only english was from '77 punk songs which they kept singing loudly. i have some great photos of them.

sunday we qued up for 20 minutes for doughnuts. not just any doughnuts but krispy kremes. they don't have them in brisbane [but they don't have new york slice in sydney so it evens out] but they were so fucking good... so we bought 14. ummm... yeah i think i'm coming down off the sugar high today.

muffy's flatmates were hell nice and muffy seems really happy and is looking really well and i'm heaps happier. it was so good to get away. crust said i was beaming yesterday and that's true. i just have alot to look foward to. i really want to save up so i can go away again soon and see more long lost friends.

it's been 1 month this week since everything happened and last night was the first night i didn't dream about him, i'm anxious about the weekend because i'm afraid he'll come to the hblock show on saturday and i know bad stuff will happen and it'll be shit... it's inevitable.

this boy... the one with glasses... came over last night and we burnt cds and cooked pasta and it was really fun and he never ceases to suprise me... sometimes just little things. i like hanging out with him because it's easy and fun and he makes me forget why i've been so sad.

i just don't want anyone getting hurt and we spoke about stuff and how this is just fun and we're going to be friends and how i'm really fucked up at the moment and don't want to sleep with anyone and he's been so lovely about it. i just don't want to fuck this up. i'm scared of someone getting hurt. it would be too easy for me to attatch myself to him or i worry he might like me more than i can emotionally deal with right now...

i can honestly say that i'm generally happy right now.

i miss hc grrrl.

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