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my days have been filled with lots of sewing, beer drinking, work and sleeping... lots of sleeping. i think i've fully gone into winter hibernation mode. i got an overlocker 2 days ago and i'm just about to bust it out and sew something. NO MORE ZIG ZAG STITCH OR FRENCH SEAMS. it's like a dream come true.

oh phones ringing... ahhh just work asking me to come in an hour early... which works out nicely 'cause yesterday i was an hour late. hahaha... oh. last night was good i just drank beer and went to the d-pot to see dick nasty. he was there and this time we didn't speak. i got a half-assed wave. he sat right infront of me. i got angry for a bit and then miss-p gave me lots of hugs and hand squeezes and i let it go. so much for friends...

this guy came up to me and said "what, you're not talking to me to tonight?" and there was a sort of hug/handshake, i'm looking at him blankly and i was forced to admit i didn't recognise him and had no idea who he was, i told him it's only that i drink heavily sometimes and he was pissed and walked away.

feeling really bad and curious i thought i should go find the guy. so i was looking around for abit and couldn't see him anywhere and then he was behind the bar and it all came flooding back. a few weeks ago one sat night me and tam tam were on a drunken rampage through the valley which cumlinated at the d-pot. i had gone to order a drink... i was drinking vodka that night as it was ladies nights... all fishnets and leopard print corsets and pearls...

i'd ordered a lemon, lime, bitters and vodka and it was his first night behind the bar. i proceeded to get over the bar, threw stuff around and showed him how to "make it properly". this mostly consisted of me filling half a tall glass with vodka... or so pinny tells me. i'd forgotten about it until last night.

so i apologised and re-introduced myself and walked back to miss-p, pinny, crust and the girls so i could share my amusing tale. and i turned to miss-p and said he's actually pretty cute and then turned around to find him standing right behind me smiling. we giggled like school girls and went back to the rg where i danced briefly before going home.

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