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we spoke again last night at a show, i was drunk again, i cried again... he hadn't even bothered to read the email i sent him and was telling everyone we're friends now. i told him, clearly i hope it's goign to take alot more than an email if he wants to be friends and he said he would sms me which i replied he shouldn't because i'd deleted all his numbers from my phone. not that i don't know them off by heart after all this time but it's the principle of the thing.

i got into good riddance for free on friday night after work. hook up through the new boy, who's also a complete retard. i'm in a hardcore i hate boys mood today. i had the worst hangover and i just wanted to snuggle in bed and they're all fucked in the head... so yeah. GGGRRRRR.....

last night got to drunk on an assortment of drinks and booty shaked to the wee hours with some of DDS and cerebral posse from NSW who played at the show last night. i feel dodgy 'cause i was poor and just drank outside then snuck in at the end to see DDS. there was also a passion pop enema preformance which can not be described by words. some things shouldn't be put up butts.

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